Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pete Wentz Tattoos

If there are two things that should go together, its tattoos and bedrock stars. After all, tattoos accept continued been a attribute of rebellion. For macho bedrock stars, tattoos accept the added allure of authoritative you attending like a badass.
Tattoos are decidedly accepted amid associates of bedrock bands, whose associates assume to egg anniversary added on in accepting added and added ink on their bodies.
For example, the associates of the Red Hot Chili Peppers appear their abounding tattoos on photographs included with their 1991 anthology Blood Sugar Sex Magik.
The affiliate with the best tattoos seems to be bassist Flea, who has added than six, including a account of Jimi Hendrix on his larboard bicep (Hendrix was an important access for the band) followed by advance accompanist Anthony Kledis, whose abounding tattoos accommodate an American Indian boom (a nod to his ancestry back his grandmother was part-Mohican).
On the added hand, although every affiliate of Aerosmith has tattoos, advance accompanist Steven Tyler has aloof one: red bonfire with "Ma Kin" on his larboard bicep; if you see any others on his anatomy during concerts, they are alone acting anatomy art fatigued on by Tyler with markers.
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, on the added hand, charge authority some affectionate of almanac for boom love, back he reportedly has added than thirty-six tattoos on his body. Pete Wentz tattoos accommodate the Bartskull, the logo of his almanac aggregation Decaydance Records and a appearance from the blur The Nightmare Before Christmas on his arm. The added associates of Fall Out Boy additionally all action tats, with the notable barring of guitarist/vocalist Patrick Stump, who abnormally abundant has none.
But alike the associates of a acutely wholesome boy bandage like the Backsteet Boys action anatomy ink. Brian Littrell has the lyrics of a song he wrote for his wife tattooed on his anatomy while A.J. McLean has the words "Laugh Now" aloft his larboard elbow.

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