Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Make A Fantastic, Perfectly Matched Couple

Too many young teen couples choose each other for all the wrong things, but Justin and Selena deserve each other for all the right reasons.

They may be young, she’s 18 and he’s only 17, but in this case, the success that Selena Gomez andJustin Bieber have both achieved allows them to have a healthy relationship!
Selena has starred in the hit Disney sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place for four years, recorded 3 hit albums, including the new top single, ‘Who Says,’ and toured extensively.
Justin is the #1 teen pop star in the world, has just completed a 13- month world tour, has sold 5.5 million albums, has the largest grossing concert movie in the U.S., Never Say Never, at $70 million ($98 million internationally) and has just signed on to star in a comedy with Ashton Kutcher called What Would Kenny Do? Together the two are The Biggest Teen Couple since Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made sweet, romantic music together.
Now, after months of speculation and Selena refusing to confirm that Justin was her boyfriend, and of Justin describing her as “amazing” but nothing more, the pair used the Billboard Awards to come out as a couple, where unlike the Vanity Fair party, their love was on display for the world to see. When Bieber won Top New Artist, one of the six awards he landed that night, he stood up and kissed Selena on the lips in front of millions of viewers, That was it! They were fully public!
It was a moment that they had both probably thought about and discussed ad infinitum.
After all, with Justin’s multi-millions of crazed fans, who each, hoping against hope, that they would be his future girlfriend, going public with their romance now, was a considered and deliberate decision.
It also was a decision, no doubt, that they couldn’t run away from — they like each other so much, they didn’t want to hide their feelings and relationship any longer.
In fact, just two evenings before, Justin called Selena “my beautiful girlfriend” when he dueted with singer-songwriter Ernie Halter in Costa Mesa, CA.
I applaud them for coming out, so they can — like normal teens — enjoy their relationship. And unlike many young couples, this pair has A LOT in common. Both were raised by single moms, who have been extremely involved in their careers, but protective.
Both are exceptionally talented. Neither is some manufactured Milli Vanilli-esque star. Both are beyond appreciative of their fans, and willing to submit to countless fan photos, hugs and meet and greets. They both have the maturity to understand that none of their success — no matter how much talent — would have happened without the unwavering support of fans. And to maintain those fans, you have to have a warm and giving relationship with them.
Selena recently told Teen Vogue: “My fans are amazing. They love me, they support me. And I do everything for them.” She calls her youngest fans, her “littles,” and says “I just wouldn’t want to do anything that might make them uncomfortable.” In other words, she’s quite happy being a role model.
Perhaps, though, the most important thing they have in common is the deep understanding of what they are each going through. How many other teens are extremely hard-working, world renowned pop stars, with millions of fans, and enormous adult pressure?
NOT MANY! These two can relate. Says Selena, “He’s been in my life for so long and it’s just nice to have someone who understands what you’re going through.”
They can understand each other, and that is what probably is the biggest bond these two have. And you know what — they’re lucky to have found each other.
I hope they have a fabulous time on their vacation in Hawaii. And I bet they actually are being chaperoned there. These two aren’t, in certain ways, being allowed to grow up too fast. And that’s another reason why they belong together!
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