Monday, August 8, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Pimped By Brother In Law Again

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 07:44 AM PDT

Hi! You must have read about how I got pimped at a marriage by Rohan, my brother-in-law. He had taken few videos of mine fooling around with his friends/clients, but I never bothered myself over it, as I enjoyed it too. Since then, I have been trying to call him, and engage him in more hot chat, but he has always been claiming to be busy/tired etc trying to avoid me. As a result, I got mad, and stopped calling too.

Last month, he was visiting his home in the town, and he called me up requesting me to accompany him to a party at his friend's place. I was very surprised by the sudden invitation, but I declined and expressed my anger over him rejecting my calls. "Why do you want me to come with you to this party? You seem to be not interested in me", I asked.

Rohan said that this party needs him to come as a couple, and he doesn't want to miss out on the fun. Hr requested me for a while, and promised to delete the clips that he had with him if I accompany him. My hubby still thought that I am a sati savitri, and I thought that it would be a good idea getting rid of any traces. I agreed and asked him, "I have never been to these parties, what should I wear?" Rohan asked me to wear anything of my choice, provided I look attractive in them, as there will be girlfriends and wives of other people too. He told me that he will pick me up in the evening, and added, "Bhaiya (my hubby) won't know anything, as he won't be back before another 2 days." I was surprised that he knew about his absence from home.

I wore a plain blue sari, and to add sexiness to the outfit, wore black lingerie, and sleeveless low cut blouse, and matching petticoat, and carried my blue Louis Vuitton. He picked me up, at 7 in the evening, and drove me to a far off place. On the way, I asked him, "What kind of party is this gonna be?" He saw that I am a little nervous about the party, and replied, "Bhabhi, don't be nervous, you will be fine, just pretend to be my girlfriend. It will be a card party for us, and you can socialize with the other women. It will be followed up with a dance, and that's it."

We reached the place, a farmhouse, far off from the city, in the middle of jungle, and there were only 5 guys there. I recognized one of them as his friend, as he had fucked me on the marriage day, but the five others were strangers in their mid-thirties to forties, all in their casuals, enjoying drinks over a poker table. Rohan was also in his t-shirt and jeans, and I was getting suspicious now. He told me, "I guess we are a little early, why don't you make yourself a drink, I will join the guys for poker."

There was no other woman/girl in the room, and I watched them play poker, with real cash. Rohan was winning, and he kept on shouting every time he won, often kissing and hugging me, calling me his lucky charm. I was beginning to understand the game too, and got engrossed in it, noticing that no other guest had turned up. The bets started getting higher, and game got more intense. Rohan had converted his five thousand to twenty five thousand, and he was beginning to take more risks, often bluffing. Rohan was good at reading his opponents' bluffs, and it helped him win the game. One game, it came down to Rohan and his friend (who was not so friendly now), and Rohan was certain that he was bluffing, he kept on raising the stakes, even though he didn't have the cards to do so.

At last, he was forced to go all in, and both the players were found to be bluffing, with Rohan having the worse set of cards. He lost everything he had. He was devastated, as he was out of money, and asked me, "Anahita, how much money do you have, I will pay you once I win mine back." The others mocked him for the bankruptcy, and I surfed through my purse, only able to find two thousand rupees, it was not enough for a single bet. After, the guys were done with their mocking, a bald guy, probably in his forties, offered to buy my purse for ten thousand. Rohan begged me and I folded, selling my fifty thousand rupees purse for fifteen after some bargaining. Very soon, that was lost too. I told Rohan, "Let us go, both of us are out of cash, and this is no fun."

His friend stopped him from getting up from the table, and said, "Why not use your whore? Let her give us all a lap dance in her lingerie, and you can get one grand from each of us." I was in shock and disgust, trying to pull Rohan out of the place, holding his hands, but he pulled me back, "It is not a bad deal, BHABHI, you are going to do it for me." Everyone was even more impressed when they found out that I am his bhabhi.

A stranger asked Rohan, "Is that the reason why you got her here?" I was totally embarrassed, and I firmly replied, "No, I am not doing it Rohan." Rohan had a wicked smile on his face, "Alright, let us go, I will mail the clips to Bhaiya, and everyone in the family on the way." Rohan was standing now, with one hand over my shoulder, and the other holding my pallu. I had to agree, but I tried to negotiate saying, "But this is as far as it goes, I am not compromising further."

As soon as he got the green signal, he immediately took off my sari pin, and spun me out of my sari. "Take the blouse, and petticoat off too, and this is not it. If I need money, I will ask you for more, and you will have to do it my whore." I knew it was serious, and was out of options. For, the first time, I didn't want to have sex. I took off the blouse and petticoat, and tried to appear smart by making a negotiation, "I will do it, but you can't put your hands inside my lingerie." The guys whispered among themselves, laughing, and agreed.

But when I was about to start the lap dance for the first person, he stopped me, and got naked, and others followed him. I was supposed to lap dance on ugly naked people, for just two grands. I reluctantly started it, avoiding the touch of their cocks, but they grabbed me tight, and felt up my entire body with their hands and mouth, not putting their hands inside as promised.

Rohan got the five thousand as promised, and he continued to play well for another hour before losing the entire cash in spite of having a flush. I watched the game sitting next to him, still in my lingerie, as Rohan asked me to stay that way. The guys were also sitting naked, often rubbing their cocks looking at me. I was starting to get turned on with 5 naked men, watching me and rubbing their tools. Without taking my consent, Rohan immediately asked them, "How much are you guys willing to pay, if bhabhi gives u a blowjob?"

After some discussion, they settled on another two thousand each, if I take my clothes off completely, and they get to do anything they want to. I unhooked my bra, and slid my panties down my legs, as the guys cheered at the site of my milky white 36c breasts, and clean shaved pussy. I got down on my knees, and started the act with a man in mid thirties. He was hairy and it made his cock look small.

I lubricated his tool first by licking it. Strands of his pubic hair came in my mouth, and to my surprise, I was not feeling the disgust anymore. The other guys stood behind me, and started exploring my tits, pussy, and ass. They were gentle to start with, warming me up, only twisting my nipples slowly, and rubbing my clitoris. I was beginning to get aroused now. I continued to suck the cock harder, shoving it deep down my throat, as the guys were now squeezing my tits trying to milk them. I had fingers in my asshole and pussy at the same time.

Suddenly, I heard Rohan's voice shouting, "This is more than enough for two thousand you slut, go to the next guy." The guy pulled his cock out of my mouth. I wanted his cum over my face, and I was deprived of that. The other guys took turns, and I sucked all of them for 5-10 mins each. Rohan made sure that none of them shot their load on my face, by intervening in time. I had to be satisfied with the precum. The guys continued to crib, for not getting enough of the blowjob. but Rohan was adamant. He got the ten thousand, and then suddenly he asked, "Pay five thousand each, and you guys get the woman for the night. You can do whatever you want with her." He was officially pimping me now, my total cost being forty thousand for the night, with 5 guys.

The guys immediately agreed, and paid him the sum. They took turns to fuck me in various positions, one after the other shooting their loads inside my pussy, mouth, asshole, and on my body. By the time they were done, it was 4am in the morning, and I was bruised all over thanks to constant pinching, my butts were red due to repeated spanking, and my pussy and ass were hurting. I was totally worn out, lying naked on the poker table, covered in my own sweat, and cum of the guys. The guys were bragging among themselves how many times they made me cum. Rohan came up to me, and said, "Bhabhi, you are a great piece. Thanks to you I have forty thousand cash now, and more of your videos… Wear your clothes now bitch, and lets go… can't carry you naked early in the morning."

The guys interrupted, "Wait, the night is not over yet." I was shocked and sitting up pulling my bra and panties, I asked, "Oh! I am so tired, what do you guys want from me now?" Rohan's friend replied, "Don't worry bhabhi, we will be gentle. Let us take you to the Jacuzzi and clean you up." I was relieved when I heard the word Jacuzzi, as that was exactly what I needed. The hairy guy came up to me, pulling the lingerie from my hands, picked me up, and seated me on his shoulders, carried me to the Jacuzzi and put me into it. Other 4 guys followed him, and they entered the huge Jacuzzi, turning the warm jets on.

They started rubbing my body, cleaning me up. I was feeling so relaxed with the rubbing and jets on my body. One of them started rubbing my clitoris, and fingering me again, and the other two focused on cleaning my tits, and pits. I was getting turned on again, and started moaning out loud. I needed another round of fuck, and holding the cock of the bald guy, I seated myself on him, and slowly inserted his cock in my aching pussy. We were kissing now, as he slowly pushed his cock inside, and another guy pounced on my back, putting his cock in my asshole. This was the first time in my life, I had 2 cocks inside my ass and pussy simultaneously. I went through multiple orgasms as the guys took turns and fucked me inside the Jacuzzi for another 2 hours, and I was out of energy yet again.

Rohan now barged in the bath area, shouting, "How much of fucking do you want you slut. Its morning, we should be leaving now?" The guys pulled the plug holding the water, and got out of the Jacuzzi. As a part of the final act, as the water was draining out, they urinated over my face, and body, and it felt like having a bath in perfume. I happily walked out carrying their urine, mopped dry my body with a towel, and put on my sari. I turned to Rohan and said, "Let's go now, when do we come back?"

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