Friday, August 5, 2011

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

My Elder Sister Helping Me

Posted: 05 Aug 2011 03:19 AM PDT

This a story about how I seduced my own elder sister. This is my first story, so please ignore my mistakes. About me, I'm Josh (name changed for privacy) a guy with a normal body. I have a little bigger dick 8 inches which is always hard. About my sister, Nasreen 27 years old married. And her hubby is working in Dubai. She is a typical south Indian girl with a sexy body 36-30-40. Every man will get horny on seeing her ass.

She looks like the famous model "Elke the stallion". She is a jolly type girl who use takes every matter very easily. She has never created a problem with me. This is the story that happened just two months before. I'm doing my engineering and I live with my parents. My sister got married before 3 years. I always got horny on seeing her. She is the only dream girl whom I think during masturbation. I always think of fucking her huge ass.

But I've never dared to move further. When I was in semester holidays, my sister came to our home. I felt so horny on seeing her. She had a I year old child also. This time I was well determined to fuck her somehow. I started to plan. I was clear that I can seduce her only by showing my hard dick. B'coz I had really good dick and she would also be hungry for a cock as her hubby was far from her. I thought of showing my dick to her.

Day 1:
I woke up 8'O clock in the morning. I got my morning erection and I was feeling horny. I stood up from the bed and went towards the bathroom as I wanted to urinate. I was froze to see my sexy sister coming out of the bathroom wearing a nighty. I had my dick very hard. I suddenly hid at the backside of the door and started watching her swaying huge Ass. She did not notice me. She left to her room. I went into the bathroom. I found her new clothes hanging there. I came to know that she forgot to take the towel while coming to bath and now she had gone there to take the towel.

I got the evil idea. I kept the door unlocked. I took out my hard dick out of my pant. I kept it open for peeing and kept my eyes closed (pretending to be sleepy ). I heard her step sound. My naked dick became very hard. I still kept eyes closed. Then I heard her open the bathroom door. It was about 2 minutes I have been keeping my eyes closed with my erect cock in air. All of a sudden I opened my eyes and found my sister staring at my cock. She noticed me open my eyes and gave me a smile. I said sorry and told that I was not aware of her presence and acted to be feeling shy. I covered my dick and came out of the bathroom. But she kept smiling.

Day 2:
I was sure that my plan is going to work. It was a great day. My parents were in a relations home. So my sister had to cock the lunch. I often touched her Ass and pretended to be an un-intentional. She asked my help to carry the hot vessels to the dining hall. I got an Idea. I refused her and said that I was going to take bath. I took off my clothes and wore only a towel on my waist. I did not wear anything under it. My dick was making a tent in my towel.

Nasreen: Dai Josh.. Pls take these to dining hall. My son is crying, I have to carry him.

Me: Ok wait I'll come

I went there in towel. I took the hot vessel in both my hand. I went to the dining hall. There was my sister standing with her baby in her hand. All of a sudden I dropped the hot vessel from my hand and un-tied my towel. Some of the hot liquid splashed on my thighs ( not really hot ) and I did not cover my dick. I pretended to be in pain. Suddenly my sister came and started looking for the injury. But her eyes were glued on my hard dick. All of a sudden she caught my dick in her hand and asked "Is it injured here?

Me: Yes akka it is burning.

Nasreen: Wait I'll take some honey and apply on it. (This a treatment for fire burns)

Me: Ok, Come soon it is hurting.

She came with honey and straight away poured it on my hard dick and she started massaging. It was an amazing handjob. I was in full temper. Suddenly she started to suck my dick.

Me: Akka, What are you doing?

Nasreen: I've poured lots of honey. And I don't want to waste it. That's why I'm sucking it. (She said with smiling)

I got bold on seeing her smile. I caught her boobs and started pressing it. She didn't say a word. Instead, she removed the buttons of the nighty herself and guided my hands to her bare tits. I pressed it hard and splashed a heavy load of cum on her mouth. She drank everything. Then she removed her clothes and stood completely naked. I got hard again.

Nasreen: Come on Josh, Fuck your sister hard. Fuck me till my pussy is torn.

I straight away inserted my dick into her Ass. It went in easily b'coz of the lubrication of honey.

Nasreen: What are you doing? En punda keela irukku da (my pussy is down there)

Me I want to fuck your Ass first.

Nasreen: But do it fast.

I fucked her hard and came inside her Ass. Then I fucked her four times before my mom came home. And I'm fucking her till now whenever I got chance. For feedback please  Comment.

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