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India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

India's Favourite Sex Scandal Blog

Lesbian Sex Encounter With Office Colleague

Posted: 07 Aug 2011 10:51 AM PDT

Hi,my name's Abhay and I've posted many of my sexual advetntures on this forum.I've been getting a terrific response.Thank you all for that.My girlfriend's a bisexual and on popular demand,especially from girls who have contacted me, I'm going to post one of her sexual adventures in her own words. My girlfriend attendted a conference to Goa with her office-colleagues.All of them were young girls between 21-24 years of age.

Her company had booked their rooms in a hotel, pairing them 2 by 2.It meant that two of the girls would be staying in one room while the other two would stay in another room. After the conference got over they were free for a couple of days. Their company had booked their return train tickets 2 days later.So they had plenty of time to hang out. Let me decribe my girlfriend.She's 5 feet 5 inches in height, slim, fair and extremely hot.

We both are 23 year old now and this adventure had happened few months back.She wears M sized sports bras and she measures 34 at her ass cheeks. The day after the conference got over all the girls decided to relax.My girlfriend was sharing her room with a girl from jammu.Her name was anchal.She was of the same height as my girlfriend.She was slim and fair too.She was an year younger than my girlfriend.My girlfriend's name is Anushka.

One of the other girls who were also attending the conference from my girlfriend's company had some relatives in Goa.She went to meet them.The other girl accompanied her.So only anushka and anchal were left there. The hotel in which they were staying was near a beach.I'm not so familiar with goa so I don't know the names.The next day my girlfriend got up earlier than anchal and had her bath.The bathroom was attached to the room.

When she came out she was completely wet from her hair to her feet and she had wrapped a towel around her body which covered her boobs and upto her pussy.She wasn't wearing any undergarments. Anchal was waiting for anushka to come out as she wanted to brush and get ready too.When she came out, Anchal saw Anushka's sexy body.Her nipples must have got wet because anchal said

Wow your boobs are looking so sexy." Anushka thanked her and when anchal took bath and came out,anushka admired anchal's ass.She even spanked anchal's ass lightly.Then they dressed up.Anushka is a rebellious girl so she wore a bikini and Anchal wore a swimsuit.They had already been close to each other in office and they liked each others company.They knew about each others personal lives too.

Anushka lent anchal her own bikini.Actually there was some size problem.So anchal had to wear one of anushka's bikini top and another matching pair of bikini bottoms. They sat by the shore, talking. It was that time that anchal told anushka something she hadn't expected.

Anchal: "My boyfriend doesn't ask me what i want in sex.He directly climbs on me & starts fucking me.

Not even kissing.However, he fucks me really the way I want.This has been ever since we are engaged.Except that he's quite good.I've never been with any other guy but i know that i'm definitely not satisfied.Somehow i'll gather the courage to talk to him.I want to know what all things should he do with my body."
Anushka: "Does he play with your body?"
Anchal: "No.Would you like to do me a favour?"

Anchal:"Reject it if you find it embarrasing, but will you teach me how to get fucked?
Anushka:"What exactly do you mean?"
Anchal:"Imagine that you are a boy and i'm your girlfriend.You have already been in a relationship with a guy since last 4 years.You have had a good sex life.Do what ever you want with me.I won't object."

Anushka agreed to it.Later she told me that anchal had never confessed, but before this all happened she had caught anchal staring at her body some times.Anchal was fantasising anushka since few months.However,as later events turned out,it was only a one-night stand.Because after all this happened,anchal somehow confronted her boyfriend and had a great sex life.Not even thinking about making out with another girl.

Even anushka was longing for it.She wished that all the hot girls whom she was with friends were bisexual.Anushka took anchal's hand and took her to their room. First,the girls washed the sand off their bodies one by one,but didn't wipe their bodies.They removed all their clothes.Then anchal confessed anushka that she had a lesbian experience in her early days.Anchal was 18 then.

A young married lady had tried to suck her boobs when she had stayed at a relatives house during a marriage.She couldn't recall it properly, but she told anushka that the sensations were thrilling.Anchal also told her that she wouldn't hesitate much as her boyfriend was blue film addict and they had seen lots of films with many variations together.So the idea of lesbian sex was not at all new to her.

Anushka held anchal's hand and slowly pressed her body on the wall.She put on the fan in the room at full speed so that no one would hear anything.She looked deep in anchal's eyes.Anchal's breathing had become fast.Both the girls held each others faces in each others hands and brushed aside their hair.Then they closed their eyes and came closer.Anushka put her lips on anchal's lips and they started kissing.

Anchal was a very wild girl.She only took a few minutes to get adjusted to the new sensations her body was getting.Then she kissed anushka in the same way using her tongue. After that was over,anushka put her tongue out and licked anchal's shoulders and neck.She also bit anchal's ear.Then she put a hand over anchal's boobs and started pressing them.Anchal asked her to be as hard as she could.

Anushka pressed them so hard that anchal let out her first moan.Her boobs had turned red.Then anushka took one of anchal's boobs in her mouth and sucked it for some time.She went to the sink and bought her face wash.She poured some of it on her own boobs and asked anchal to massage them.Anchal gave anushka's boobs a nice massage upto the moment when anushka couldn't endure the pain that was caused due to it.

Then anushka asked anchal to lie down on the bed, facing her.She put one finger inside anchal's navel and said "now let us put some of mine & some of your fingers inside your own pussy."She gave anchal's navel a quick deep kiss and went down. Anchal's love juices had already started flowing.Anushka took one of anchal's hands and pushed one of her fingers inside anchal's pussy.

Then anushka put her own finger inside anchal's pussy and started fingering her.When some of anchal's juices had already flown and anchal was moaning with ecstacy,Anushka went down and started licking anchal's pussy. The first touches of anushka's tongue sent a wave of current down anchal's spine.However,she adapted to it in one moment and asked Anushka not to stop.

Now there were one each of anushka's and anchal's fingers inside anchal's pussy and her pussy was deeply sucked by anushka.This went on for some time.When anchal had cummed to her hearts content, they switched their jobs. Anushka lied down and asked anchal to do everything simultaneously to her and not to tell her when she would be starting.Anushka didn't look at her.

Suddenly she felt thick penetration inside her pussy which she later came to know,were anchal's two fingers.She had also started sucking her pussy the same moment.One of anchal's hand was busy playing with her own boobs.One of anushka's hands was busy playing with her own boobs while she was massaging anchal's boobs with her other hand.Finally anushka cummed and she threw a load of her pussy juice on anchal's face.

Anchal brought her face near anushka's and then she licked off anushka's pussy juice off her face and anushka herself too tasted her own pussy juice. Then anchal lied on anushka and they hugged for some time.Anchal hugged anushka very tightly,her nails scratched anushka's back.But she ignored it.They french kissed passionately for some time.Anushka started rubbing her own pussy on anchal's pussy.

Anchal learned it and she also started moving her own pussy accordingly. Then anushka asked anchal to open her lip stick and give it to her.When she gave it to her,anushka motioned anchal what she was going to do.Anchal hesitated for a moment,but later agreed.They sat up in bed.

They faced each other and stood on their knees, hugging each other.When their pussies were close enough,

Anushka pushed one end of the lipstick into her own pussy and then carefully pushed the other end into anchal's pussy. The girls engaged in deep french kissing and hugged each other tight.Anushka gave her hip a forcefull push and fucked anchal with the lipstick.Anchal playfully pushed her own hips in anushka's direction.Slowly,they increased the speed and tried to go deep.

They also supported the lipstick with their hands when needed. When the girls had fucked each other in this manner for quite some time they stopped.Anushka had multiple orgasms.She had more orgasms than anchal,and anchal was by no means,less than Anushka. The girls spent the remaining part of the day in bed, completely nude, in each others arms.
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